We convert Gif, Tiff, jpeg, Bmp, Png to Notepad, MSWord, HTML with 99% accuracy and html tagging with 100% accuracy. We also convert Image to client notepad or 3rd party notepad softwares upon request.

Our Conversion Services

• Image to .swf conversion
• Image to .nbo conversion
• Image to Ruler Notepad 1.1 conversion
• Image to Typing 2.0 notepad conversion
• Image to Searchline Editor conversion
• Image to Advance text Editor (.nbo,.adl,.nik,.ons) conversion
• Image to html conversion
• Image to Arizona Notepad conversion
• Image to .dxt conversion

• Image to Link 2 Data Notepad conversion Software
• Image to Adobe Flash Notepad conversion
• Image to Agent Notepad conversion
• Image to Notepad conversion
• Image to MS Word conversion
• Image to Text conversion
• Pdf to Word conversion
• Pdf to Notepad conversion
• Image to OGS notepad conversion


1. Fast Service (1000 Files Delivery in 1 hour)
2. 24*7 Services (Open 24 hours a day)
3. Reliable and Cost Efficient
4. Accurate Data Conversion (Accuracy may reach upto 99-100% depending upon the image quality)
5. We undertake all types of data conversions

• We maintain 100% accuracy levels with an expert proof reading
• We can handle huge amount of data such as 25000 files per day
• We are specialized in doing the image super imposition and html tagging
• The customized software which we use is unique and capable of converting all the image formats like BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, AI, GIF etc into Text ot Wordpad/MS Word/Html

* We have all type of Data Entry related software tools for conversion of data.
* For every day we will convert more than 85000 of images into text/notepad/word.
* Per every 30 seconds our software convert an image with 95 lines.
* We will submit your work load with in 4-5 hours of the same day.
* We will provide you more than 92% accuracy for any image format.
* Cost is very less per page when compare to other services.
* 24×7 customer support to our beloved customers.